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Selectors' Presents: Desolator – Desolating The Curse


Join us for a rare live performance by Desolating The Curse in celebration of the release of the Desolator limited edition cassette (50 hand-numbered units) on Tinker Recordings.

Curses be gone. The Desolator cures all with desolation. In a crazed rampage around the globe the Desolator seeks curses to desolate. Legal woes, romantic terror and material complications all terminated. On October 17th, 2012 Karl, an oppressively cursed teenage hesher, came across a field of bloodless dead cows. Aliens doing research was the presumptive explanation. Karl worked at an abattoir and was an avid animal necrophilia enthusiast. His love making that evening would lead to a stupendous transformation. Karl mutated into the franc Desolator a beast with the desire and conviction to terminate curse after curse. Finally Karl was no longer cursed. Long live the Desolator.

Scott Gubbels has been documenting the audio creations of the Desolator since 2012. The self-titled Desolating The Curse cassette was released by Nice Up International in an edition of 80 (sold out) in 2013. Desolator is the 2nd of three planned releases. Forthcoming on Tinker Recordings will be DTC’s third release: Kick Your Ass To Heaven. Gubbels has performed and/or released music by Destroyer, Superconductor, Deerhoof, BCVCO and Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase amongst others. He currently performs and records with Kensington Gore.