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Selectors' Presents: Quiet City #34


Quiet City is a series of deep-listening concerts in Vancouver, focused on live performances of experimental, electronic and improvised music in a comfortable and intimate setting. Established in January 2010, we are now in our eighth year of programming.

The thirty-fourth edition of this series will be featuring performances by:
⊚ Emma Tomic
⊚ Roarke Menzies (New York)
⊚ Samson Stilwell (Portland)

Presented by Soundscape & Panospria

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Emma Tomic is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in video production and audio composition. She currently resides in Vancouver.


Roarke Menzies is an artist and composer based in New York City who uses his voice, mouth and body as sound sources, along with audio hardware, software and field recordings, to create electronic and electroacoustic works.

Menzies has released three solo recordings to date on his own Coup de Glotte label. In a recent profile, Musicworks Magazine described his work as “a consistently compelling collection... Menzies has developed his own take on this rich sonic stream, emphasizing his own voice as the primary signal for processing.”

In addition to performing and recording, Menzieshas created scores for contemporary dance, performance and installation, as well as content for games, television and film.


Samson Stilwell is a sound artist and musician based in Portland, Oregon. He works with modular synthesizers, field recordings, and software to create electroacoustic compositions that explore the liminality or between spaces of language and sound, physicality and interiority. His first album 'Signals' was released by Sounds et al in May 2017.