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Quiet City #36: Ivory Towers ⊚ Lavender ⊚ Marc Kate


Quiet City is a series of deep-listening concerts in Vancouver, focused on live performances of experimental, electronic and improvised music in a comfortable and intimate setting. Established in January 2010, we are now in our eighth year of programming.

The thirty-sixth edition of this series will be featuring performances by:
⊚ Ivory Towers
⊚ Lavender (Portland)
⊚ Marc Kate (San Francisco)

Presented by Soundscape & Panospria

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Quinne Rodgers is a visual artist, video director, and musician from Vancouver, BC. Formerly half of the feminist electronic duo MYTHS (alongside Lief Hall), Quinne now writes, performs and produces the haunted music evocation project Ivory Towers.


Certain recordings are meant to be absorbed as sensorial experiences - reminders that music is not only about hooks and melodies, but it is deeply grounded on textural qualities, ambience and raw emotion. This is the vision that drives the work of San Francisco-based composer and producer Lavender. His forward-thinking and ethereal songs echo the work of artists the likes of Alessandro Cortini, Tim Hecker, Four Tet, and Deru. His debut album 'Mystique Youth' embodies the aesthetics of minimal electronica, the cinematic landscapes of post-rock, and the organic qualities of experimentalism.


Originally trained as a filmmaker and visual artist, San Francisco-based producer and composer Marc Kate applies cinematic and conceptual approaches to music and audio production. As a response to the tech culture assault on San Francisco (and the world), Kate takes up the tools of the trade — computers and synthesis — and slyly counter-attacks, imbuing humanity precisely where humanity is being evacuated. He creates a counterpoint to tech’s speed and greed — slow, immersive, materialist, drifting. Kate also draws from his history in San Francisco’s synth-punk and techno scenes, emerging to create stripped-down, static experiments in synthesis. He has released solo material on the labels Computer Tapes, Jacktone, Loöq, HNYTRX, Trip Show and Treehouse Muzique, and his own imprints Untitled & After and Failing Forms.