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Selectors' Presents: Rettir Leinahtan // Crawling Human

Please join us for a night of trouble and woe, featuring Rettir Leinahta and Crawling Human.

Rettir Leinahtan is the solo project of Nathan Ritter (Circulation of Light, Kinit Her, Wreathes, The World on Higher Downs, Burial Hex, et al.)

Crawling Human (Birdwise, Albanese, Bastrade) are... are... are...

They dug and they dug, so their day
went by for them, their night. And they did not praise

who, so they heard, wanted all this,
who, so they heard, knew all this.

They dug and heard nothing more;
they did not grow wise, invented no song,
thought up for themselves no language,
They dug.