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Selectors' Presents: Stefan Maier / N.213 / Magneticring

Please join us for a sweet night of live experimental electronics, featuring Stefan Maier, N.213, and Magneticring.

Stefan Maier

Immersive, tactile sound collage from the New England based composer. Real-time sampling, reel-to-reel loops and digital processing create roaring, unruly textures. He hosted GARBAGEMOUNTAIN on Berlin Community radio from 2014-2015. Upcoming releases on Noisekölln Tapes and Digitalis.


Nxc Hxghxs solo squeeze /// ExperiMENts in synth 'pop' / scum noyz / now-wave / spazzz / voxy accapella ////
Started in 1996 - Death //// ! /////


Magneticring is the solo work of Joshua Stevenson using vintage synthesizers and other analogue equipment. Influences range from Javanese Gamelan, obscure psychedelic music, and early new age and electronic musics.