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Selectors' Records Presents an evening of experimental sound research with:


Jean-Sébastien Truchy has performed in Montreal since 1996. With the beginning of Fly Pan Am in 1998, his approach confirms itself as a constant evolution in composition and performance. Literature and cinema influences how he elaborates, conceives and orchestrates his compositions as well as the effect they have on their audience. His work is inspired significantly by the idea of emptiness, in its implications with respect to duality, the world and (semiotic) signs. He aims to create music that challenges the notion of concept in both the musical and philosophical language, in order to destabilize his audience and confront them with the daily concepts that manage, direct and define our lives.

BLACK GIVRE (Montreal)

Black Givre is a brutal expression, an explosive cardiac stimulation, a thunder in control. Halfway between FourTet's electronic influences and the insane experimentation from Boredoms, He offers improvisation in bursts of energy freakouts between performance and interpretation. He manipulates sound effects sampled in real time, this is the solo project of a drummer, with his machinery and drum.

CHARLES BARABE (Victoriaville)

Charles Barabé has been practicing the art of music recording for a little more than fifteen years. His music is a ghostly mix of abstract and concrete, memories and cultural references, posing as stigmas of the past. It is a music of human limits, haunted by emotions and the weight of the past on its shoulders.


Ross Birdwise will be presenting Being and Becoming, a collection of noise pieces that are being continually revised and remixed in live, semi-improvised settings. Cold ambience, walls of noise, a fluctuating sense of space and continually modulating textured distortions, disjointed rhythms.

$7 at the door